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Permitted Stormwater Pond Credit Details

Learn how you might be able to easily find and produce a digital file of all the properties in your subdivision.

To receive 30 percent credit, the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility will accept proof of an environmental permit issued by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection [Regulation] (FDEP/DER).

Please note: the City of Jacksonville is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the information provided on any of these lists. They are provided as a courtesy only.

SJRWMD Permits Issued - 1980s (PDF 194K)

SJRWMD Permits Issued - 1990s (PDF 323K)

SJRWMD Permits Issued - 2000s (PDF 269K) (as of May 13, 2008)

List of developments permitted by FDEP/DER (PDF 66K)

Print out the page(s) with your development's name listed and provide it with your application.

Applicants may also visit the SJRWMD E-Permitting website to access permit information.

The MSSW/Stormwater As-Built Certification (Form EN-45) will still be accepted, as will a copy of the permit. Only one type of supporting documentation is required with the application.

Property Owners/Homeowners Associations are encouraged to apply to receive credit not only for the common impervious area billed to the association, but also on behalf of all of the property owners in the permitted drainage area.

The Property Appraiser's search function is a powerful tool that you may be able to use to do the work for you - click here to find out how.

Once an application is approved, the credit will remain on all associated accounts for future billings.


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