Social Services

Military Affairs, Veterans and Disabled Services Department's Social Services component is an employment-based program designed to help the homeless and at-risk veteran return to independent living. Our Social Services Specialist uses a holistic, all-inclusive approach. We connect Veterans with life management skills, provide financial and family counseling, emergency and transitional housing and career development for the Veteran and his or her family. This approach provides direct service from Department resources and indirect services through linkages and collaboration with other resources and social service agencies.

All Veterans may receive services, but the thrust is reintegration for those Veterans who had their standard of living decreased so significantly that without the benefit of a continuum-of-care program, their recovery is nearly impossible. Studies have shown that families tend to recover faster from homeless situations when they remain intact. Services that cannot be provided directly from the program are sought through referral to other social service agencies. Since 1998, our focus has been to mobilize the program and effect onsite service provision at a central location with its community partners.

Veterans needing assistance should call (904) 630-3680 for an appointment.

The social services continuum is separated into three phases. They include:

Phase One (Stabilization)

1. Outreach
2. Screening
3. Intake
4. Assessment
5. Orientation
6. Emergency Shelter


Phase Two (Individual Strategy)

1. Employment/Training
2. Supportive Services/Referrals
3. Transitional Housing

Phase Three (Transition)

1. Permanent Housing
2. Permanent Employment
3. Follow-up Supportive Services