City of Jacksonville


How to Properly Park on a Meter

Sec. 802.104. Parking spaces marked.

(a) The City Traffic Engineer, if he deems it necessary or appropriate in the interest of the proper flow of traffic, is authorized to clearly mark designated parking spaces by placing painted lines upon the curbs and streets of the City adjacent to parking meters. It shall be unlawful to park a vehicle across a line or marking so that the vehicle is not entirely within the area for parking designated by lines or markings.

(b) When a parking space in a parking meter zone, whether marked by lines or not, is parallel with or diagonal to the adjacent curb or sidewalk, a vehicle shall be parked in the space so that the foremost part of the vehicle shall be nearest to the parking meter and it shall be unlawful to park a vehicle in the parking space in any other manner.

Properly parked at a meterThis vehicle is properly parked at a meter


Improperly parked carThis vehicle is ticketable because the front bumper is not at the meter post!