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Public Service Grant Council

The Public Service Grant Council’s mission is to improve the lives of the people of Duval County by being a voice for the local nonprofit organizations who provide services through Public Service Grants.  It accomplishes this mission through the following activities:

  • Responsible for distributing the annual Public Service Grant appropriation
  • Reviews and evaluates all applications based on established criteria
  • Serves as an on-site evaluator and lead reviewer for a selected number of applicants
  • Attends orientation sessions on all review sessions
  • Assures full participation in the allocation process 

The Public Service Grant consists of up to fifteen voting members, eight of whom are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council and seven of whom are appointed by the City Council President and confirmed by City Council.  Additionally, the City Council President annually appoints a City Council Member to serve as a liaison to the Public Services Grant Council.  

Council Members

Public Service Grant Council - City Council Liaison 


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1. Advocate for more funding
​2. Be transparent and more available to nonprofit organizations to include a PSG Open House in April
3. PSG Council to clearly explain outcome to City Council.
4. Ensure to engage and increase the feedback with the Nonprofit Center. 

Meeting Dates

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PSG Council meetings will be held at 2:00 p.m. every  2nd Monday of the month.

Download PSG Council Public Notices, Agendas & Minutes at

Funding (please contact for funding history)

FY 2024 PSG Awards
FY 2023 PSG Awards

FY 2022 PSG Awards
FY 2021 PSG Awards 
FY 2020 PSG Awards
FY 2019 PSG Council Funding Allocation
FY 2018 PSG Council Funding Allocatio
FY 2017 PSG Council Funding Allocation 
FY 2016 PSG Council Funding Allocation
FY 2016 PSG Council Recommendations
FY 2013 Public Service Grant Funding Matrix
PSG Funding from 1991-2014

Ordinances and Laws

Ordinance 80
Please see Part 7. Gifts and Honoraria, Revised City Ethics Code
State of Florida Sunshine Law