City of Jacksonville

On-Street Bikeways and Shared-Use Paths (Trails) Network

The City of Jacksonville's bicycle and pedestrian networks are continually expanding, enabling residents to connect to jobs, retail centers, health facilities, and other destinations by bike, foot, wheelchair, or other nonmotorized mode of travel. As these networks grow in mileage and connectivity, it is the city’s aim to ensure that the facilities are designed/constructed to be safe, comfortable, and to serve residents and visitors of all ages and abilities.
In total, the City’s on-street bikeways and trails network comprises 898-miles of existing, funded, and planned bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, protected bike lanes, shared lanes, and shared-use paths (sometimes referred to as "trails"). Existing shared-use paths comprise 59-miles of the network, with 64-miles of additional funded or planned trails in the works. Not sure what the different types of facilities are? Click HERE to read the definitions of each.
The City of Jacksonville now has an online, interactive map, displaying all the existing, funded, and planned on-street and trails network facilities. Each of the layers can be toggled on/off by using the layers tool on the left-side toolbar. Also, zoom in/out with your scroll wheel or "+/-" icons to get a better view of facilities in your area, print sections of interest using the print icon in the upper right corner, view/download the attributes for all or some of the facilities by opening the attributes tab at the bottom of the map, and more!

Click on the map image below to launch the interactive tool.