City of Jacksonville


Tower Review Committee (TRC)

The Tower Review Committee acts on the following applications involving wireless communication towers: waiver from the minimum setback and separation requirements, waiver from the landscape requirements of Part 15, variance from the maximum height requirements for low impact/stealth towers, variance from the maximum height and projection requirements for side-mount and rooftop antennas, variance from the other maximum height requirements in this Subpart A, or declaration that a proposed tower or antenna qualifies as either a camouflaged or low impact/stealth tower or antenna.


The Planning and Development Department is responsible for making an advisory staff recommendation to the Tower Review Committee on each application for a waiver or variance. A copy of the staff recommendation will be available the Friday before the scheduled Tower Review Committee date. A copy of the application may be examined in the Planning & Development Department, Edward Ball Building, 214 North Hogan Street, Suite 300.


Industrial Sanctuary Map (PDF)

Tower Review Committee Members

Jacksonville City Council
Council District 6: The Honorable Matt Schellenberg, Chair

Jacksonville City Council
Council District 8: The Honorable Ju'Coby Pittman

Jacksonvile City Council
Council District 12: The Honorable Randy White

Jacksonville Planning Commission
Planning District 2: Commissioner David Hacker

Jacksonville Planning Commission
Planning District 1: Commissioner David Ward

For more information and Tower Review Committee Dates, please call

Bruce Lewis, City Planner Supervisor
Planning and Development Department
Ed Ball Building
214 N. Hogan St., 3rd floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 255-7800
Fax: (904) 255-7882