City of Jacksonville

Department Ethics Officers Contact Information

Mayor’s Office

Alice Newman


Council Auditor's Office

Brian Parks

Office of General Counsel


Office of Economic Development

Michelle Stephens 

Employee Services Department

Todd Norman

Finance Department

Angie Dixon


Brigette Lang


Robert Waremburg 

Fleet Management

Erik Preacher

Kids Hope Alliance

Joyce Watson

Human Rights Commission

Mauricio Rueda 

Medical Examiner

Brittany Lowe


Asst. Chief Berlinda Tookes

Neighborhoods Department

Schnell Chin

Jacksonville Public Library

Keli Likins

Military Affairs Department

Mala Armogan

Parks & Recreation Department

Alison Miller

Planning Department

Bob Blanco

Public Works Department--Director's Office & Real Estate Division

Lee Dupree

Public Works Department--Engineering Division

Donna Seetram

Public Works Department--Mowing & Landscape Division

Lee Dupree

Public Works Department--Public Buildings Division

Mary Lawson

Public Works Department--R/W & Stormwater Division

Danita Lee

Public Works Department--Solid Waste Division

Leticia Burns

Public Works Department--Traffic Engineering Division

Mary Christmas

Downtown Investment Authority

John Crescimbeni

Office of Inspector General

Brandon King


Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA)

Michael May

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

Walette Stanford

Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA)

Kort Parde

Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority (JHFA)



Linda Williams

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Christopher Martin

Police & Fire Pension Fund

Steve Lundy

Duval County Public Schools


City Council

Yvonne Mitchell

Clerk of Court

Janira Denis

Property Appraiser


Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO)

Chris Brown

Supervisor of Elections

Cierra Fackler

Tax Collector

Brad Simmons