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Notice: This communication provides information about the City of Jacksonville’s Supplier Portal. If you are a current contractor, vendor, consultant (JSEB or not), or if you are interested in supplying services or products to the City of Jacksonville in the future, this communication affects you.

As previously announced, the City of Jacksonville’s Procurement Division is now launching updated Formal Solicitation templates as part of the process of bringing our entire solicitation and bid submission process into the future! Starting on Monday, July 1, 2024, all formal solicitations will be distributed using our 1Cloud e-procurement system. The City has been using this system for a few years now for Informal Invitation to Quote (ITQs) and started introducing formal Invitations to Bid (ITBs) earlier this year. The remaining formal solicitation templates for Construction Bids, Professional Design Services, CMAR, Design Build Services and RFPs for non-construction will now be sent out using 1Cloud and all responses will be electronically submitted using our new e-procurement system. These new templates will have the same look and feel as the other solicitation templates currently in use.
If you need to refresh yourself on the instructions for viewing and responding to solicitations please refer to the training information posted on our supplier portal located on the COJ Procurement Division site. 
We encourage all suppliers to make sure their contact information is accurate by removing any e-mails or phone numbers that are no longer valid. We also recommend using a generic email address for the ordering contact, that is monitored by a sales team rather than one individual. For example,
If you have any questions, please contact us at or (904) 255-8800.

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NIGP Code Search – Search using code and/or text. 

Supplier Pre-Qualification and Demolition - For questions, please call Marilyn Laidler (904) 255-8804 or Donica Golden (904) 255-8821.

Here are the links to Pre-Qualification Procedures and Applications:

Construction Pre-Qualification Procedures – (over $500,000) 

Construction Pre-Qualification Application – (over $500,000) 

Demolition Pre-Qualification Procedures – (under $500,000)

Demolition Pre-Qualification Application – (under $500,000)

For questions about Procedures and Applications, please call Marilyn Laidler (904) 255-8804.

Disqualified Suppliers

Disqualified Supplier List - If you have any questions, please call Cindy Phillips (904) 255-8822.


If you have any questions, please contact us at or (904) 255-8800.