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Annual McEachin Award

Celebrating Historic Preservation in Jacksonville

Inaugural McEachin Award

The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is proud to offer their inaugural McEachin Award. This annual award coincides with National Preservation Month and serves as the Commission’s contribution to a month of activities recognizing and celebrating the preservation of historic structures by providing commemorative plaques to the year’s best Historic Preservation Projects. 

The McEachin Award represents a change in focus for the Historic Preservation Commission. Previously, the Commission has issued awards for a variety of projects related to preservation and history. Starting this year, the Commission focus will be on the actual preservation of structures and sites. The McEachin award is intended to showcase exceptional projects in preservation, restoration or stewardship of structures throughout the City. The Commission hopes that by recognizing great works, they will encourage more quality restoration and preservation, as well as provide an opportunity to educate the public on some of the more exceptional historic structures within the City. 

The McEachin award is named for Joel McEachin, the former Supervisor of the Historic Preservation Section, who for 32 years, guided the preservation Commission from their creation until 2018, upon his retirement.  It seems only fitting that the award be named for him, for all his tireless work to preserve the history of Jacksonville, though the preservation of its historic structures.  The award itself is a cast metal plaque, which will be affixed to the awarded structure. 

The 2019 McEachin Awards will be presented by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission (date and time TBD).

The selection process will be based upon the following general criteria:

  • The project’s ability to serve as an model example for historic preservation 
  • Application of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation 
  • The overall quality of the work performed on the structure or site

For more information, contact the Historic Preservation Section, 904-255-7859,

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