City of Jacksonville


Installation Instructions

If it is a new installation:

1. Simply run the install from the CD and pick all the defaults.

If your database name is VAPROG97.MDB currently:

  1. Backup your current database file by copying it somewhere else on your hard drive.
  2. Open your current database, select maintenance and DUMP DATA.
  3. Close database
  4. Copy the VAPROG97.MDB file from the CD to your current installation directory and overwrite the current database.
  5. Right mouse click on the database file and select properties. Uncheck the read-only property and click ok.
  6. You are ready to run.

If you want to install to the network:

  1. Install the application with the CD on each of the workstations.
  2. Copy the VAPROG97.MDB file to the shared network.
  3. Change the icon on each workstation to point to the network share where the database is located.