City of Jacksonville


Duties of the Ethics Commission

Current Ethics Code Chapter 602, the Jacksonville Ethics Code 

Sec. 602.921. Duties and powers.

The Jacksonville Ethics Commission (Commission) shall be authorized to exercise such powers and shall be required to perform such duties as are hereinafter provided. The Commission shall be empowered to review, interpret, render advisory opinions and enforce Chapter 602, Ordinance Code; and, in accordance with Section 1.202 of the Charter, to exercise the following powers and duties:

(a) The Commission is authorized to receive, and to investigate and issue findings with regard to any sworn written complaint alleging a violation of this Chapter or by a complaint initiated by a minimum vote of six members of the Commission alleging a violation of this Chapter. All complaints and records shall be confidential as allowed by Section 112.324, Florida Statutes, or any other applicable state law. In support of this power, the Commission is authorized to establish an ethics "hotline" to receive tips and information, each of which shall be treated with confidentiality as authorized by Florida law. The General Counsel, with the assistance of all appropriate and available offices of the City, shall assist the Ethics Commission in the investigation of complaints. The Ethics Commission may refer matters brought to its attention to the State Attorneys' Office or the Florida Commission on Ethics if it determines jurisdiction is vested in, and action is more appropriate if taken by said agencies.
(b) Provide assistance and input into the management and coordination of the training and education of local officers and employees in state and local ethics, including the City's Ethics Education Program as set forth in Section 602.1001, as well as all public records and sunshine law training throughout the government.
(c) The Commission may, upon employee or citizen complaint, or upon its own initiative, seek information and gather facts for the purpose of reviewing any circumstance or situation of which the Commission may become aware that appears to violate or may potentially violate an acceptable standard of ethics conduct for City officers and employees as delineated in Section 1.202(d) of the Charter. Based upon such review the Commission may make such recommendations to the Mayor and the Council as it deems appropriate;
(d) Have jurisdiction to levy those civil fines or penalties authorized in this Chapter 602 for violations of the City's ethics code;
(e) Act as the hiring committee, subject to Council confirmation, for the executive director of the Ethics Oversight and Compliance office.
(Ord. 2011-167-E, § 2)