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JEPB Funded Projects

Projects Funded with the Environmental Protection Fund

Periodically there are projects approved by the Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board which provide a benefit to the community.  Below are some of those projects and information associated with them.

State of the River Report

The board has provided funding for the State of the River Report for the Lower St. Johns River Basin for the past 14 years.  This report provides a snapshot of the health of Jacksonville's most precious natural resource, the St. Johns River.  

State of the River Report


Assessment of Mercury in the Duval County Environment

The board provided funding to assess levels of mercury found in various aspects of the environment within Duval County.

Mercury Study Report Findings

Supplemental Information for Mercury in Duval County

Jacksonville Urban Odor Study

Project Description
The Environmental Quality Division (EQD) has been investigating “chemical-like” odors in some areas after multiple resident complaints over an extended period of time.  EQD currently uses traditional methods for odor assessment which consist of sending an inspector to assess the odor once a complaint comes in and determine if they perceive an odor or not. Although having been successfully used for years, the method has proven to be inefficient at times due to the rapid change in weather conditions that might cause an odor disturbance at the time of the complaint but when acted upon, the odor has shifted paths. Additionally, without having 24/7 continuous monitoring, there is currently no method in handling complaints efficiently and accurately outside of normal work hours.
Project Goals
A 12-month study is proposed to inform the methods the city takes to handle odor complaints and accurately determine odor sources.  The information gathered will provide valued feedback to both EQD and the JEPB.