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Ice Cream Truck (Vendor) Operator Permitting

Effective July 1, 2020 the Florida Legislature pre-empted local government regulations of Mobile Dispensing Vendor Units (food trucks, food vendors, ice cream stands, carts, ice cream trucks). With the exception of “prepackaged ice cream goods”.  

All Ice cream trucks, stands, or carts selling, ANY prepackaged Ice-Cream treats, will need to comply with the local Ice cream Truck ordinance as stated in Section 250 Miscellaneous Business Regulations Part 11. 

Vendors must obtain and clearly display all required State of Florida, local Ice cream Truck (vendor) permits, which includes a required background check, business tax receipt, street vendor permit and a Jacksonville Fire Prevention Office Inspection for trucks. Non-motorized carts do not apply.  

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Ice Cream Truck Operator application

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