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This section is designed to assist you with important information about your retiree benefits.

 Online Access

The Pension Portal provides retirees with access to their pension data.  The site includes records of your paychecks and tax reporting documents.  You can also make changes to your current tax withholding, update direct deposit details, update personal contact details, and request an income verification statement.  Visit to get started.

If you prefer to update your information by using a paper form, please visit the Forms Depot section.

Annual Affidavits

Affidavits are mailed to your address on record the third week of the month in the month before your retirement month.  Affidavits must be notarized and returned by the due date listed at the bottom of the form.  Your pension benefit will be suspended if you do not return your notarized affidavit.

Affidavits can be returned by email, mailed, or dropped off at our office.

Yearly Tax Documents

Your pension is subject to income tax withholding as soon as you begin receiving payments.  However, any contributions prior to the end of 1987 were made with after-tax dollars.  After-tax dollars could also be used to purchase service time.  If these contributions were made into your pension, you will see a proportionate amount of non-taxable income reflected on your yearly tax document.
The annual 1099-R tax reporting document will be mailed to your address on record by the end of January of each year. 

Reminder: Your monthly supplement will be paid in full in the first two payments of each month. If there is a third pay period in the month, that payment will not include the supplement.