City of Jacksonville


Labor Relations

The Labor Relations Office is responsible for managing the relationship between the City of Jacksonville and the six unions certified to represent 11 bargaining units of municipal employees for collective bargaining.  We also offer counseling and discipline guidance and can assist managers and supervisors with preparation of charge letters and developing protocol for conducting fact-finding meetings

The Labor Relations staff is dedicated to providing timely services to managers, supervisors and employees. The following is a listing of the major services we are pleased to offer:

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract) compliance and interpretation
  • Guidance in preparation of counseling and discipline documents
  • Assistance with conducting fact-finding meetings and grievance hearings
  • Conducting 4th step grievance hearings
  • Conducting Special Meetings in accordance with applicable contracts
  • Alternative dispute resolution and employee relations problem-solving
  • Assistance in managing the probationary period
  • On-site training on various labor and employee relations topics

We are available by telephone, e-mail, and personal visit to provide technical advice and assistance to employees, supervisors, managers and executives on all aspect of labor-management relations.  We have a dedicated email account - - to which inquiries and information may be sent.

Bargaining Unit Agreements

Digital copies of existing bargaining unit agreements are provide in PDF format below. If additional information or copies of any bargaining unit agreement is needed, please email for assistance.