City of Jacksonville

Service Standards

Mission Statement:

The Solid Waste Division's mission is to provide environmentally sound and cost effective solid waste and recycling services for the City of Jacksonville that exceed our customers' expectations.

Residential Recycling

When? Confirm your schedule online here or call 630-CITY (2489). 

  • Separately place your garbage, recycling or yard waste curbside no later than 6 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.
  • Trash, garbage and recyclables shall be placed separately at curbside no sooner than 5:00 p.m. of the day before scheduled collection.
  • All inappropriate waste and empty containers should be removed from the curb no later than 6 a.m. the day after scheduled collection.


  • All residential waste must be placed at curb or roadway within 5 feet of the edge of the traveled portion of the street.
  • Garbage and yard waste must not be stacked over water or gas meters, under low hanging tree limbs or utility wires, or beside mailboxes.


  • For the safety of our collection crews, all broken glass must be wrapped and sealed in newspaper or in some other protective covering and placed only in the garbage.


  • Fluorescent Bulbs and tubes are considered hazardous materials. Residents can dispose of these items at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at no charge. The Facility is located at 2675 Commonwealth Avenue.
  • Bio-Medical Waste is NOT recyclable. Place small amounts of needles, lancets, etc. in a hard plastic or metal container (detergent bottle, coffee can). Do not use a clear container or a glass container. Secure the lid with heavy-duty tape. Discard the container in the middle of your garbage receptacle. For proper disposal of any bio-medical waste other than properly containerized needles, lancets, etc., please consult with your health care provider or the Duval County Health Department at (904) 253-1280.
  • Used oil is prohibited by law in landfills. Never pour used motor oil in the garbage, on the ground or down street drains. It can poison drinking water. One gallon of improperly disposed waste oil could pollute one million gallons of fresh water. Many local oil retailers accept used motor oil for recycling from residents at no charge (maximum 5 gallons per consumer per trip). Arrange pick up of major used appliances by calling (904) 630-CITY (2489) prior to placing them at the curb. Remove or secure any doors.
  • Household hazardous wastes cannot be collected curbside. Residents may take items to the City's Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2675 Commonwealth Avenue.  Collection Event Schedule.
Single-family residents can recycle the following items in their yellow-lid recycle cart (labels may remain on recycling items):
  • Plastics #1-3, 5 and 7. ( Water/soda bottles, detergent bottles) without lids
  • Glass bottles & jars (green, brown and clear)
  • Metal & aluminum cans
  • Newspapers & inserts (on rainy days, hold for next collection day)
  • Magazines, catalogs & telephone books
  • Place all loose and un-bagged recyclables in the recycling cart.

*Note:  Call (904) 630-CITY (2489) for the wastehauler in your area or confirm your schedule here  

It is illegal to dump trash and debris on vacant land, roads, streets, drains and ditches. To report illegal dumping call (904) 630-CITY (2489).

Please be aware that it is unlawful to place hazardous waste of any kind in the residential collection waste streams. Municipal Code Section 380.209.

Local wastehaulers are:

City of Jacksonville
Solid Waste Division
Collection & Sanitary Services

1031 Superior Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 630-CITY (2489)

Advanced Disposal Services (ADS)
9798  Normandy Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 421-7373

Meridian Waste (MW)
2078 Lane Avenue North
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 701-1770

Waste Pro USA (WP)
2940 Strickland St.
Jacksonville, FL 32243
(904) 731-7288


Residential Responsibilities

Municipal Code 

To request collection service or report a problem with collection, please call (904) 630-CITY (2489) or visit the MyJax online customer service website at
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