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Transportation Planning Division
Transportation Planning Division
The Transportation Planning Division focuses on long range transportation policy, planning and development activities and is a key participant in coordinating land use and transportation issues related to land development in the City of Jacksonville through elements of the Comprehensive Plan, as well as the City's Mobility Plan. The Division provides interagency coordination with local and regional transportation partners including the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), Jacksonville Airport Authority (JAA), Jacksonville Port Authority (JPA), North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO) and Northeast Florida Regional Council (NEFRC).

The Transportation Planning Division also provides service to the Concurrency and Mobility Management System Office (CMMSO) assisting the public with review and recommendations on applications for development. The CMMSO website now includes an informal and non-binding expedited Mobility Fee Calculation tool. By adopting the Mobility Fee system via Ordinance 2011-241-E, the City opted out of the transportation concurrency and fair share assessment contract methodology previously provided in the Comprehensive Plan and replaced it with the new mobility fee system. Ordinance 2011-536 amends the Ordinance Code to reflect the workings of the mobility fee system as established by the earlier ordinance and the changes made to various elements of the Comprehensive Plan.


  • Context Sensitive Street Design Guidelines
  • Long Range Transportation Planning & Policies
  • Comprehensive Planning for Transportation and Transit Elements
  • Land Use Amendment Traffic Analysis 
  • Land Use/Transportation Coordination & Policy
  • Traffic Data Collection and Forecasting
  • Site Access & Circulation Design Review
  • Multi-modal Transportation Project identification for Capital improvements
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Network Planning
  • Traffic Counts 


  • Mobility Fee Assessments
  • PUD, CON Application and Site Plan Reviews
  • Traffic Study Review
  • Parking and Trip Generation

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If you need assistance to obtain any information about the services or processes that we provide, please contact Lurise Bannister. Email Lurise Bannister

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Venture Out is The City of Jacksonville newest outreach tool! The interactive map allows you to drop a pin to identify possible areas of concern within the transportation system. You can also like or comment on any pins already on the map! Venture Out and checkout the new site! Venture Out Jacksonville 2025 ( The public comment window is closed we are processing your input. Thank you for participating! 


The City of Jacksonville is committed to ensuring our community is safe and enjoyable for our children, families, and community members. One way we’re working towards a safer city is our 20 is Plenty program, centered on the idea that a speed limit of 20 mph is appropriate for local, residential streets. The purpose of the program is to increase the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles on local streets. 

We appreciate your participation and dedication to improving traffic conditions in your community! Check out the 20 is Plenty webiste to learn more CLICK HERE or search (! The public comment window is closed and we are processing your input. Thank you for participating! 


Transportation Planning Division Staff:

Laurie Santana, Chief
Can be reached at (904) 255-7857
Email Laurie Santana

Lurise Bannister, Planning Services Manager
Can be reached at (904) 255-7839
Email Lurise Bannister

Soliman Salem, City Planner Supervisor
Can be reached at (904) 255-7845
Email Soliman Salem

Matt Fall, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator
Can be reached at (904) 255-7835
Email Matt Fall

Thalia Fusté, City Planner I
Can be reached at (904) 255-7830
Email Thalia Fusté

The main office phone number is (904)-255-7800
The main office address is Ed Ball Building 214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 300 Jacksonville, FL 32202