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Renew Arlington Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Mandatory Compliance Grant Program for Fencing, Signs and Landscaping
The Mandatory Compliance Grant Program (MCGP) is designed to help nonresidential, commercial and retail businesses within the Renew Arlington CRA boundary come into compliance with the requirements of the Renew Arlington Zoning Overlay, as described in the Zoning Code (Chapter 656, Part 3, Subpart S, Jacksonville Ordinance Code). Click here to view the Renew Arlington Zoning Overlay.

The grant is designed to aid those applicants whose property is not in compliance with the Zoning Overlay elements of:
  • Fencing,
  • Signage
  • Landscaping/Landscape Buffers.
Businesses must be in compliance with the Zoning Overlay by April 28, 2025.  The grant will be provided on a reimbursement basis only and will cover 100 percent of the awarded allowance or the actual cost, whichever is less, under each category. Any project costs incurred that exceed the awarded allowance will be the obligation of the applicant to fund. 

The intent of this program is to enhance the Renew Arlington CRA's unique aesthetics and appearance; improve property values; promote an environment that is visually appealing and safe for vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic; and promote appropriate redevelopment of existing properties.

More Information: Contact:
For more information about the program, please contact Karen Nasrallah with the Office of Economic Development at or (904) 255-5449.  

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