City of Jacksonville

Guidelines for Requesting Letters of Support for Federal, State, Local, and Foundation Grants
The Office of Grants & Compliance is committed to supporting Jacksonville’s nonprofits, businesses, individuals and groups in their efforts to seek Federal, State, Local and Foundation Grants. In addition, we provide support to internal departments, divisions and constitutional offices. If you are pursuing a grant and need to supplement your grant application with a Grant Letter of Support, Grant Matching Funds Commitment Letter, or an In-Kind Support Letter please use the following guidelines.
  • Letters of Support must be requested no less than ten (10) business days prior to date you wish to receive your letter.
  • Select the type of support letter you are requesting (Grant Letter of Support, Grant Matching Funds Commitment Letter or an In-Kind Support Letter).
  • Please specify which City Official/Personnel the Letter of Support should come from.
  • Include the full name of the grant you are seeking along with the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance/Catalog of Federal State Assistance (CFDA/CFSA) number or check the box for Foundation Grants.
  • Provide the grant amount you are requesting. If your grant requires a match, please provide the match amount along with any in-kind services with justification, if applicable. 
  • Provide the full name of your agency, your organization type and a point of contact.
  • Provide a brief 1-2 page summary describing your organization and services; your grant implementation and management track-record, including an estimate of your agency’s success rate in securing grant funding (e.g. 30%, 50%, etc.); and how the requested grant funds will be used. A copy of the project abstract is acceptable. Please include a sample letter of support.
  • Let us know if your agency will be partnering with another agency to pursue this grant.
  • List the names of any other local agencies applying for this particular grant, if known.
  • List any other federal, state, or local government agencies or officials supporting your grant proposal.
  • Provide the full name of the funding agency. Select if the requested funds or Federal, State, Local or Foundation and include a point of contact from the funding agency.
  • Tell us how you would like your Letter of Support delivered.
If you do not receive any communications from our office within two (2) business days after submission of the online form, please email