City of Jacksonville


Roadway Maintenance

The Right of Way and Stormwater Maintenance (RWSM) Division maintains over 3,400 miles of paved roads and approximately four miles of unpaved roads in Jacksonville.

RWSM maintains roads that have been formally accepted for maintenance, either by the Duval County government or the consolidated City of Jacksonville.

Roads are on rights of way (ROW).  ROW that is open for public access is dedicated to the city through a plat.  Plats are recorded with the Duval County Clerk of Court and kept by the city's Topographical/Survey section for historical record.  Chapter 117.081(3), Florida Statutes, explains that a right of way dedicated to the city does not obligate the city to maintain it.

When land is developed and road(s) established, the developer has the option to build the road to city standard, then apply for the city to accept it.  If the road is not built to city standard, and/or if the developer doesn't request acceptance by the city, then the city holds no responsibility for maintaining the road or its associated drainage system.  These roads are generically referred to as "private," but some are technically unmaintained city rights of way.

Need to know if your road is private or an unmaintained right of way? Contact the Topo/Survey office at


RWSM strives to repair potholes quickly.  When you see a pothole and when it is safe to do so, please call 630-CITY (2489) or visit 630-CITY online to report road damage.

Not all holes in the road are the same.  Some are cave-ins, and they usually require more extensive work and take longer to repair. Cave-ins are usually caused by the break of an underground utility line - drainage, water or sewer - and are deeper than potholes.

JEA is responsible for repairing cave-ins caused by water or sewer lines. Click here to go to the JEA home page or call 665-6000 to make a report.


The $105 million earmarked in The Better Jacksonville Plan allowed the city to pave over 2,000 miles of streets during the six-year program. But the need to maintain our city streets will never end.

The city's 2013-2014 budget included over $9.5 million for roadway resurfacing.  Resurfacing isn't limited to just laying new asphalt; Public Works uses other methods shown to maintain the life of road surfaces, such as micro-surfacing and rejuvenation.

Call 630-CITY (2489) or visit 630-CITY online to request your street be paved.

Dirt Roads

The city is responsible for maintaining approximately four miles of unpaved roads throughout the county.

Most unpaved/dirt roads in the city are technically unmaintained city rights of way.  The road was dedicated for public use, but was not accepted for maintenance by the city.

In 2003, City Council established a Dirt Road Paving Special Assessment Trust Fund (ord 2003-280-E). That ordinance created a special assessment program so residents on qualified dirt roads can have those roads paved and accepted for city maintenance.

The special assessment program requires that:

  1. The dirt road must be an existing passable road within right of way that was dedicated to the City of Jacksonville by deed or record plat
  2. The road must have existed prior to May 3, 1989 and must serve two or more residences
  3. Abutting property owners must be willing to grant any and all necessary right of way and/or easements for the finished roadway to meet city standard (including off-site property for stormwater treatment facilities, such as a pond)
  4. Abutting owners must agree to pay a minimum of 2/3 of the total cost of construction, with the city paying the remaining 1/3.

Residents interested in learning more may contact Dave Hahn, Engineer Manager, at (904) 255-8793 or e-mail