City of Jacksonville


What is JaxCorps?

JaxCorps is the City of Jacksonville's volunteer program directed by Employee Services. It is a partnership between residents and city government. JaxCorps provides the residents of Jacksonville with opportunities to be exposed to all aspects of city government. Volunteers work side-by-side with City employees. They enhance services that may not otherwise be provided.

The City of Jacksonville offers diverse volunteer opportunities with flexible schedules including weekends. Volunteers play key roles by providing service to the community, assisting with special events, and in daily operations. This provides an opportunity for residents to become active participants in their local government.

Who can volunteer?
The City of Jacksonville welcomes everyone with a desire to make a difference in their community. This includes retirees, homemakers, high school and college students and families. With weekend and evening volunteer opportunities, even people with busy schedules can find a way to make a difference.

How to join JaxCorps 
Simply apply online at or email for more information.