City of Jacksonville

Renew Arlington CRA Zoning Overlay
Creation of the Arlington CRA Zoning Overlay by the City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department is an effort to fulfill a Redevelopment Objective and Strategy as stated in the Renew Arlington Community Redevelopment Plan, as approved by the City Council. As a result, the area of application for the Overlay is the stated legal boundary in the Plan. If a parcel extends beyond the boundaries of the CRA Overlay District, then the entire parcel shall be considered as lying within the Overlay District.

As with previous Zoning Overlays that the PDD has implemented, public engagement is at the core of the Overlay process. The purpose of the standards established by the Overlay is to:
  • Protect and enhance the Arlington CRA area’s unique aesthetic character and reduce unnecessary visual distractions;
  • Promote the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • Minimize traffic congestion; and
  • Promote roadside aesthetics and high quality redevelopment that meets CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) design principals and neighborhood scale urban design values.

The standards resulting from the Overlay are not intended to discourage development flexibility or potential but are targeted to serve as minimum guidelines for site planning and building considerations as they apply to various forms of development and to address current development challenges.

For more information on the Arlington CRA Zoning Overlay, please send an email to Note that a zoning overlay places additional performance and design standards on top of a standard zoning code so if something is not addressed in the Arlington Overlay, the current Zoning Code will apply. Also, unless otherwise stated within the Overlay, the more stringent regulation (between the Overlay and the current Zoning Code) will apply. Topics addressed within the Overlay are consistent with those addressed in the CRA Plan. The CRA Plan is guiding this effort. This Zoning Overlay will only apply to the boundaries of the Renew Arlington CRA.
 Fore more information about their meetings, please see the Renew Arlington CRA Advisory webpage.