City of Jacksonville


About the Commission

The Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women was established as an advisory commission on May 30, 1972, by Mayor Hans G. Tanzler, Jr. It was upgraded to full commission status by Mayor Jake Godbold in 1982. The commission is comprised of members appointed by the mayor to three year terms.

Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst for moving all women forward.


The advancement of all women. 


Within its authority, the Commission shall act to:

  1. Develop a public consciousness of the talents of women, with special emphasis on the utilization of those talents as equal partners in the private, business, governmental and civic community;
  2. Encourage women to become actively involved in matters pertaining to the government and community;
  3. Work toward utilization of capable women in roles of leadership;
  4. Act as a source of information for women including, but not limited to, employment opportunities, education, harassment, and discrimination against women; and
  5. Focus attention on the needs of underserved women and/or women with special needs.


  • To educate the public on women's issues 
  • To advocate on behalf of women's issues 
  • To celebrate women and their accomplishments