City of Jacksonville


Art in Public Places Program (APP)


The City of Jacksonville’s Art in Public Places Program, together with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, acquires, procures, maintains, restores, installs, and performs responsible stewardship of public art throughout the City.


  • Public Art adds to the cultural landscape of the City by fostering a visual identity.
  • Public Art is accessible to diverse audiences including residents and visitors of all ages.
  • Public Art enhances the stature of the City through the commitment to artists and their disciplines as vital elements of community dynamics and economic development.

Public Art is a catalyst for unique partnerships between individuals, businesses, and cultural organizations.


In 1997, the City of Jacksonville passed Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Chapter 126, Part 9, allocating three quarters of one percent of each City construction and renovation project with a budget above $100,000 towards the creation, placement, and conservation of public art. 
In 2006, legislation authorized the CCGJ, supported by the Mayor, Jacksonville City Council, and City departments, to administer the Art in Public Places Program on behalf of the City of Jacksonville. This action consolidated the City's arts-related programs within one entity. The APP program also administers a number of privately-funded public art projects.
 Together with CCGJ, the Art in Public Places program acquires, maintains, and performs responsible delivery of public art throughout the City. The goal of the APPC is to choose art which is compatible with; and will enhance the architecture and overall environment of the City by articulating its individual and unique neighborhoods.


As specified in the Ordinance, the 11-member, volunteer Art in Public Places Committee appointed by the Mayor with approval by City Council, is responsible for commissioning artists and artworks on public property on behalf of; and subject to, various approvals by the Mayor and the City Council. It meets as needed–generally, every other month. Member seats are grouped into three categories:  Cultural Council Board Members (2), Art Professionals (3 – from architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, art professional, or art historian) and Community Representatives (6 – each residing within a different planning district whose interests, professions, and community activities reflect the diversity of the Jacksonville arts community and of the community at large). Each member serves one three-year term and is eligible for reappointment to a second three-year term.
For more information, visit the Cultural Council website or call (904) 944-3620.