City of Jacksonville


Outreach to Elderly and Disabled Victims

The Social Services Division provides mobile outreach crisis intervention services for elderly and disabled crime victims. The services are intended to help reduce the trauma associated with crime victimization, and to facilitate recovery.

The outreach services are free of charge and include the following:

  • Crisis intervention and needs assessment
  • Court advocacy and accompaniment
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Assistance with state application for victim compensation benefits and follow-up services
  • Information and referral
  • Additional services as needed

Services are provided with the aid of a mobile van that allows the elderly and disabled to remain in their residences during their recovery from the trauma associated with crime victimization. The van is provided through funding from the Federal Victims of Crime Act Grant (VOCA).

For more information about the Outreach Program, please call (904) 255-3388.