City of Jacksonville


Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued by employees of the Office of Public Parking, the Office of the Sheriff, and citizens certified by the Office of Public Parking. If you have a complaint regarding a citation, please call (904) 630-CITY (2489).

Pay in person

Parking citations may be paid at any Duval County Tax Collector's Office.

Pay by mail

Send your citation with your payment to:

Duval County
Tax Collector
231 E. Forsyth St.
Room 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Attn.: Parking Desk

Please do not send cash. For proper credit, please write your tag number or citation number on your check or money order.

Pay online now

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Pay by telephone


$2.95 convenience fee

Dispute Your Citation

You may elect to set a court date for a hearing to dispute your citation. Court dates cannot be arranged by telephone or via the Internet. To set a hearing date, you must appear in person at the Office of Public Parking within 15 days of citation issuance and complete a signed and notarized Court Appearance Agreement. You will then be assigned a future court hearing time and date. Please bring the actual citation, your driver's license and disabled permit (if applicable) to:

Office of Public Parking
231 East Forsyth St., Suite 424
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Failure to set a hearing within 15 days of issuance of the citation results in the waiver of rights to a court hearing. If you choose to pay your citation, your right to a court hearing is also waived. Failure to appear at a scheduled hearing is deemed an admission of guilt and agreement to pay.

Citation Amounts

Violation #




Overtime Parking



Overtime on a Meter



Prohibited Parking



Improper Parking



Obstructing Traffic



Keys in Ignition



Vehicle Over 10,000 Pounds in Residential Area



Parking in a Disabled Parking Space



Expired or Improper License Tag



Parking at a Fire Plug



Parking for Certain Purposes Prohibited



Unattended Conveyances



Disabled Parking Permit Misuse



Altered License Tag/Decal



Immobilization Fee






Late Fees

A late penalty of $10.00 is added to all citation amounts above after they remain unpaid for 15 calendar days. If the citation is still unpaid after 30 calendar days from the date of issuance, an additional late fee of $15.00 is added, for a total of $25.00 in late fees. Should further collection efforts be necessary, a collection fee equal to 40 percent of the total due (citation and late fees) will be added to the total.

I Invoices (I)

'I' Invoices are written in city-owned lots and are issued when the vehicle is left in the lot after the lot is closed. These invoices are only for the hourly parking fee and their purpose is to provide a mechanism for payment. If the spitter ticket is not provided or if the invoice is not paid within thirty calendar days of issuance, the full daily rate of $7 is due. They also accrue late charges and collection fees as indicated above.

Notice of Collection - Parking Tickets

Parking citation fines and late fees which remain unpaid after 90 days shall be sent to a collection agency, and will incur an additional 40% of the amount owed at the time of submission.  Notices of collection began being mailed December 1, 2014, to those delinquent in making payment.

Who do I contact if my parking citation was referred to a collection agency?
Customers whose Parking citation fines and fees have been referred to collections should contact the collection agency for payment information and instructions. Contact the following agency for payment of delinquent City of Jacksonville Public Parking citations:
Penn Credit
916 S 14th Street
PO Box 988
Harrisburg PA 17108-0988

Or visit to pay your bill online

Vehicle Immobilization (Wheel Boot)

Your vehicle can be immobilized for any of the following:
  • Failure to pay a violation number eight (8), thirteen (13) violation, within 20 working days.
  • Three delinquent (15 days unpaid) parking citations of any type other than 'I' Invoices.
  • Five Invoices, with at least one being over 15 days old.
  • One number fourteen (14) violation for Altered Tag or Altered Decal. When this violation is present, the vehicle may be booted or immobilized on the spot.
  • No tag displayed or registered to the vehicle - booted or immobilized on the spot.
  • Tag displayed not assigned to the vehicle - booted or immobilized on the spot.
To have the immobilization device removed from your vehicle, bring either cash, a cashier's check, a money order, or a PIN-based debit card for payment in the amount of the citations due plus the removal fee of $50.00 to the nearest Duval County Tax Collector's Office. You may also pay tickets online or by phone.