City of Jacksonville

Studies and Reports
20 is Plenty: Residential Speed Limit Reduction Study (2024)
  • The City of Jacksonville is committed to ensuring our community is safe and enjoyable for our children, families, and community members. One way we’re working towards a safer city is our 20 is Plenty program, centered on the idea that a speed limit of 20 mph is appropriate for local, residential streets. The purpose of the program is to increase the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles on local streets. Visit the 20 is Plenty website to learn more.
Sunbeam Road Corridor Study (2024) Resilient Jacksonville (2023)
  • Resilient Jacksonville looks to the future of our city for the next 50 years and provides a roadmap for adapting to a changing climate, accommodating a growing population, guiding new urban development, and planning for uncertain shocks and stressors. Visit the Resilient Jacksonville website to learn more.
Strategic Neighborhood Action Program for Pedestrians (SNAPP): Phoenix Neighborhood Walk Audit (2018)
  • SNAPP was developed as a part of The City of Jacksonville's Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (2017) with the goal of creating a continuous network of sidewalks on both sides of the streets in residential neighborhoods, which is a critical element in creating a safe and comfortable environment for pedestrians. The Phoenix neighborhood was chosen for a walk audit because it is a disadvantaged community that faces higher social and economic challenges when compared to Jacksonville as a whole and community members have expressed a desire for pedestrian and sidewalk improvements.