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Proceedings of the 2016 EPB-UNF Environmental Symposium & Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) Workshop

"Earth in Crises - Practical Environmental Solutions"


September 9, 2016 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center, 12000 Alumni Drive

List of Symposium Attendees - Alpha by Last Name

List of Symposium Attendees - Alpha by Organization

List of Symposium Exhibitors

Symposium Presentations:

Petroleum Restoration Program Workshop

Diane Pickett, P.G., FDEP
Allene Rachal, P.G., City of Jacksonville PRP Workshop Presentation

Opening Session: St. Johns River – Health and Projects Update

Dr. Radha Pyati, UNF State of the River Report
Dr. Gerard Pinto, JU
Melissa Long, COJ River Accord Annual Status Report


Session A: Energy / Alternative Fuels – Host: Jeff Sheffield, NFTPO

Ben Moore, Energy Environment & Sustainability Planner - RS&H
Matt Willis, Energy Solutions Developer - Miller Electric

Session B: New / Emerging Technologies – Host: Jim Maher, FDEP
Mark Clark, U of F Nutrient Management at the Edge
Sterling Carroll, FRWA Improving Water Quality with Preoxidants
Pennie Rosin-Borousch, Nuterra Contact pborousch@nuterra.com for presentation information

Session C: Water Supply / Sustainability – Host: John Flowe, City of Jacksonville

John Fitzgerald, SJRWMD Regional Water Supply
Tom Morris, Clay County Utility Auth. Alternative Water Supply
Amy Tracy, ETM The Nocatee Experience: Perspective on the Future


Alan Mosley - JAX Chamber VP and JAX Alliance Executive Director - Sustainable Growth 


Session D: Natural Gas Fracking / Well Stimulation – Host: Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg, JU

Dr. Todd Sack, Florida Medical Society
Eric Hamilton, Florida Petroleum Council Hydraulic Fracturing: Technological Advances and Florida's Energy

Session E: Emerging Concepts in Land Use and Planning - Host: Aaron Glick

Jack Shad, Windmill Consulting Downtown Parking Parklets
Barbara Ketchum, The Late Bloomers Garden Club Downtown Riverfront Master Plan

Session F: Invasive Species - Host: Elizabeth Guthrie, North Florida Land Trust 

Tina Gordon, GTM NERR Early Detection / Rapid Response
Larry Figart, Duval County Extension Office Formosan Termite Invasion

Session G: Recycling - Host: Melissa Long, City of Jacksonville

Henry Garrigo, FDEP Recycling Program Recycling in Florida
Dawn McCormick, Waste Mgmt. Inc. Private Sector Perspective


Regional Approaches to Resiliency - Host: Danielle Irwin, Coastal Systems International

 Addressing Sea Level Rise