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Adopt-A-Road Program

Initiated in 1986, the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful's Adopt-A-Road Program continues to be popular and successful because of dedicated citizen volunteers.

Keep Jacksonville Beautiful logo - A drawing of a picture of Trees, grass and a stream flowingThe Adopt-A-Road Program encourages business, industry, civic, youth and nonprofit organizations to adopt an area of roadway for monthly litter control. Ideally, the selected roadway is about a mile in length, and has a mix of both residential and commercial property. Roadways with all residential property are usually not suitable for adoption.

Adopt-A-Road allows citizens to demonstrate community pride, make a positive statement for a clean, attractive community and help the city keep down the costs of litter abatement. This program has proven highly effective in demonstrating personal responsibility and changing attitudes regarding littering.

What Adopt-A-Road Groups Do

1. Sign an agreement to adopt their roadway.
2. Make a commitment to do a cleanup once a month, following safety rules.
3. Be responsible for disposing of collected litter properly.
4. Monthly data reports stating the number of volunteers, hours and bags of litter collected. Please call (904) 255-8276 or email

Adopt-A-Road Sign - Says keep Jacksonville Beautiful. Roadway litter control by (your group's name could be entered here)Adopt-A-Road Program Overview and Application

Download the Program Overview (PDF 58Kb)

Download an Application Form (PDF 73Kb)
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How the City Facilitates Adopt-A-Road

In an effort to conserve program resources, effective August 22, 2012, one Adopt-A-Road sign will be provided for newly participating business groups that pay an initial fee of $550. The sign will be placed in the center of the one-mile stretch of selected roadway, reminding people not to litter and recognizing the sponsoring business. Participating businesses may purchase a second Adopt-A-Road sign through the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Commission for $250. If a second sign is obtained, the signs will be placed by Keep Jacksonville Beautiful’s approved sign vendor at the beginning and end of the selected roadway. Business participants are required to pay an annual $275 renewal fee. In addition to noted signage, all participating business groups will also be recognized on the city web site and in the quarterly volunteer newsletter.

Non-profit groups interested in adopting a road segment are exempt from the initial fee of $550. However, due to declining resources, no sign will be provided. Non-profit groups adopting a roadway will be recognized on the city web page and in the quarterly volunteer newsletter. If a non-profit group does wish to purchase a sign through Keep Jacksonville Beautiful, it must be installed by its approved vendor. The cost is $250 per sign. Signs will be installed at the center of the one-mile stretch of roadway (single signage) or at both ends of the roadway (dual signage). Nonprofit participants are exempt from renewal fees.

When your cleanup is over, make sure you report your results to