City of Jacksonville


Citizen Planning Advisory Committees

Jacksonville's six Citizen Planning Advisory Committees (CPACs) promote communication between city government and the residents it serves. The mayor appoints the members of each CPAC, who may represent neighborhood associations, businesses or other groups within that planning district.

CPACs may make recommendations regarding any topic of concern in their district or the city at large.

CPACs are informed of applications for land-use plan amendments, rezonings and activities associated with police and schools within their planning district.
CPAC district boundaries correspond to the six planning districts as established by the city's 2010 Comprehensive Plan. The countywide planning districts are:

District 1 Urban Core 
District 2 Greater Arlington/Beaches  
District 3 Southeast 
District 4 Southwest  
District 5 Northwest  
District 6 North 

Residents of any neighborhood within a planning district are encouraged to attend their CPAC meetings to offer ideas or information regarding their community and to learn about the issues that affect their lives.

Meetings are held monthly at various locations throughout the districts.

For more information on when the CPAC for your district meets or how you can become a member, call (904) 255-8200.