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The Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) can help you reach a valuable resource for your business: Military Veterans. Veterans and transitioning military service members are ready to supply the very skills businesses need to be successful. These men and women have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills, and competencies through practical workforce experience. In hiring a Veteran, you are providing your company an individual who is committed to excellence. List your business and job opportunities on the JMVC web site and enhance your access to this valuable talent pool. Hiring a Veteran is simply good business.

The "Jobs for Vets" web site provides an overview of individual businesses with contact information, not individual job opportunities/openings. (See example below.)

Deutsche Bank Jacksonville. Deutsche Bank is a global financial services leader with a Passion to Perform. Deutsche Bank Jacksonville is part of an integrated network of six processing centres around the world, ensuring banking process and analytic support for the Bank. We support Deutsche Bank’s global Corporate Investment Bank operations in multiple areas, to include equities, derivatives, collateral management, and asset servicing. Please take the time to visit our careers web site and review job opportunities. 

Joe’s Lawn Service. Joe’s Lawn Service provides commercial and residential lawn service to the greater Jacksonville area. We employ individuals in maintenance, mechanical and supervisory roles. For more information, call us at (904) 123-4567. 

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We are actively seeking all businesses, large and small, to provide job opportunities in a variety of professions. To have your business listed on the Jobs for Vets web site, please provide the following information:

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Upon receipt of the business’ request to be listed on the Jobs for Vets website, the City of Jacksonville will verify the information and post to the web site. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure the overview and web link/telephone number/contact information remain current. The Jobs for Vets website will only list companies with job opportunities for military veterans; it will not be used as a vehicle to sell anything to our veterans. If you need additional information, please contact please contact the City of Jacksonville Military Affairs and Veterans Department at (904) 255-5550.