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Jacksonville's more than 200 neighborhoods are divided into six planning districts each with a Citizens Planning Advisory Committee or 'CPAC'. The primary purpose of the CPAC is to maintain open and effective communication between Jacksonville residents, businesses, neighborhoods, community organizations, educational institutions and city government.

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District 1: Urban Core
District 2: Greater Arlington/Beaches
District 3: Southeast
District 4: Southwest
District 5: Northwest
District 6: North

Effective government requires meaningful citizen participation. Broad-based public involvement in planning, land use, zoning, transportation, community services, economic development, recreation, schools, police and public safety is absolutely essential.

CPAC meetings are open to public and any interested person is welcome to attend any CPAC meeting. Voting members must be appointed through a nomination process.

Citizens Planning Advisory Committees were first established in October 1993 by Mayor Ed Austin as an ongoing, grassroots public participation program. In September 2001, Mayor John Delaney issued a new executive order to continue that involvement as did Mayor John Peyton in 2007.  In 2014, Mayor Alvin Brown issued a new executive order to continue grassroots public involvement in CPACs. You may view the Executive Order 2014-03 and Model By-laws (863k) in Acrobat Reader.

Membership on the CPAC

CPAC members are appointed by the Mayor. Members are nominated through a variety of community, civic, or government organizations located in their district. Eligibility for appointment is determined by the Director of the Neighborhoods Department and the Planning and Development Department. 

Voting members consist of one representative per organization and one alternate,  to participate in the absence of the primary representative. Individuals may be nominated through the following organizations:

(a) Neighborhood, civic and homeowner's associations in the district which are listed in the Directory of Neighborhood Organizations.

(b) Businesses and professional organizations active in the district.

(c) PTA and/or SAC organizations.

(d) Other community-based organizations and entities in the district, as determined appropriate by the Director of the Neighborhoods Department and the Planning and Development Department.

(e) City Council members, including At-Large Council members, to each CPAC located in any part of their district.

(f) Sheriff's Watch - Neighborhood members.

Non-voting CPAC members include:

(h) One City Department Head assigned to the CPAC by the Mayor or Director of Planning and Development.

(i) One representative from the Duval County School Board nominated by the Board.

(j) One representative from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office nominated by the Sheriff.

Residents interested in CPAC membership obtain the nomination form and new member information forms. For more information on membership contact the Neighborhood Services Office at (904) 255-8250.


Public Records Requests and Government in the Sunshine Laws

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Directory of Neighborhood Organizations

The first requirement for becoming a member of your district's CPAC is to register your neighborhood or organization with the City. This listing of the City's self-registered neighborhood associations’ serves as a resource for groups that want to share experiences and advice with each other. You may filter the data by Planning District, and by City Council District. You may search by organization name and type. Please contact the NSO if you need assistance with the database.

Search the directory here: Directory of Neighborhood Organizations.

You may also register your organization in this database to receive notification of zoning changes within your neighborhood. The Neighborhood Services Office also uses this list to inform neighborhoods of up-coming training opportunities, events and meetings.

Register your organization here: Register in the Neighborhood Directory.



Neighborhood Services Office
214 North Hogan Street, 5th Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 255-8250

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.