Community Partnerships and Our Community Partners

A view of the Veterans Memorial WallCommunity partnership opportunities are available to:

Any citizen
Any social services agency
Any civic organization
Any business, corporate, or governmental entity

Our goal will always be to generate an open relationship between our partners, our Veterans, and the community. Our partners help us economically increase the Veteran and community support services that we provide, minimizing taxpayer cost, for Veterans and their families.

Our desire is to promote Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida region as the best place to live, work and raise a family by providing continuous improvement in the delivery of our Veteran-related, community-based programs and special events.

What do we ask of our community partnerships? Simply that they provide ongoing formal and informal advocacy for issues and programs that help Veterans and their families when working with the many community and political leaders that they normally would come in contact with.

Community partnerships also help us by providing in-kind donations through goods and/or services that they specialize in, including volunteers, as well as financial contributions. In turn, we help our community partners by providing increased name recognition while generating community-wide goodwill for a fraction of the costs incurred with other promotional and marketing plans.

Our Department administers two trust funds of which contributions are tax deductible:

  1. Jacksonville Veterans Employment and Training Trust - Which provides emergency financial assistance to Veterans in need. This trust fund assists with rent, utilities, food, clothing and career associated expenses. The fund is utilized after all other community resources have been exhausted. Veterans that meet the financial qualifications and that have a discharge status that is honorable will be considered. The JVET Trust is 100% community funded and there are no administrative expenses.
  2. Veterans Special Events Trust Fund - Which is designated to receive contributions to cover the expenses for military and Veterans related events such as the Memorial Day Observance, Purple Heart Ceremony and multiple other events sponsored by the Department. This trust fund covers direct expenses related to the events and there are no administrative expenses. All special events are sponsored by the Department. All special events sponsored by the department are funded by community partners.

Specifically, we offer:

* A confident and secure linkage to America's military veterans and their families

* Acknowledgement of contributions through public speaking and outreach engagements

* Banner placements at special events, receptions, conferences, and reunions hosted by us

* Logo and name recognition through flyers, posters, program inserts, public service announcements

For more detailed information or to arrange a personalized briefing about the available opportunities of Becoming a community partner with America's veterans please contact the Department Manager at 117 West Duval St., Suite 175, Jacksonville, Florida 32202; (904) 255-5522; Fax: (904) 255-5547; or email at: