City of Jacksonville

Resilient Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s vision for resilience looks towards the future and embraces change. Even as the city faces new, increasing, and uncertain risks, we believe Jacksonville’s best days are ahead. Jacksonville will draw from its essential characteristics as a welcoming city, a water city, and a growing and spacious city to build a resilient future for generations to come.  

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overhead view of st. johns river in downtown jacksonvilleCITY RESILIENCE is the ability of city systems to adapt and thrive in the face of acute shocks (sudden, extreme events that threaten a community) and chronic stresses (long-term pressures that weaken the fabric of a community over time). Often, the impact of an acute shock, like a hurricane, is made worse by chronic stresses, like aging infrastructure or poverty. A resilience approach plans holistically for a safe and thriving future for the city’s people, economy, and physical environment.

Jacksonville is developing a comprehensive city resilience strategy to guide policies, projects, and programs that will help Jacksonville prepare for, adapt to, and quickly rebound from acute shocks and chronic stresses the city may face. This strategy will be developed in consultation with city departments, relevant independent authorities, city council, the business community, stakeholder groups, and Jacksonville residents.

Click here to read the draft outline of the Resilience Strategy.

Jacksonville is a rapidly growing city. Its vast land area and diverse industries, along with mainstays like the city’s military bases and port, have made Jacksonville a dynamic place for businesses and residents to prosper. Jacksonville has also encountered its share of challenges in its 200-year history, and will face new and increasing challenges in the future; particularly those brought on by climate change. These impacts will further alter how residents experience daily life. 

Jacksonville is a city that is constantly evolving and poised to adapt again to meet future challenges. Jacksonville’s resilience strategy takes a comprehensive approach to preparing for and adapting to the shocks and stresses the city may face, including:  

acute shocks

chronic stresses
Extreme Rainfall Events 
Extreme Heat Events 
Hurricanes / Tropical Cyclones 
Winter Storms / Extreme Cold Events 
Infrastructure Failure or Disruption 
Energy Insecurity / Blackouts 
High Winds 
Infectious Diseases  
Cyber Attack 
Hazardous Materials Incidents

Sea Level Rise  
High Tide Flooding  
Heavy Rainfall  
Coastal Erosion 
Saltwater Intrusion 
Groundwater Threats 
Urban Heat Island Effect 
Aging Infrastructure 
Economic Downturns
Social Inequality 
Lack of Reliable Transportation 
Lack of Safe and Affordable Housing 
Food Insecurity & Supply Chain Disruptions 
Lack of Healthcare Access 
Chronic and Infectious Diseases