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Résumé Writing and Professional Branding

Résumé Writing

Your résumé is a marketing tool with one goal, to get you an interview.  Your résumé must be relevant concise, consistent and polished if you want a second glance.  On average an employer spend less than one minute reading a candidate's résumé, so your first few lines must be able to grab the readers attention and encourage them to continue. 

There are several types of résumés, your work history and the position you desire will determine the type of resume you choose. 
The Chronological Résumé presents the work history in reverse order, beginning with your most recently held position.  This résumé works for the job seeker with a solid work history and is preferred by most employers. 
The Functional Résumé focuses on the skills and experience rather than the work history.  This résumé works for the job seekers who are looking to change careers and/or have gaps in their work history.
The Combination Résumé lists the skills and experience and then the work history.  This format allows you to highlight the skills and experience necessary for the position and also provides the chronological history that employers prefer. 
The Targeted Résumé is customized to highlight the skills and experience you possess that are relevant to the desired position.  

Professional Branding

With objective statements losing popularity with hiring manager, the focus has turned to branding as a way communicate very specific things about yourself and to differentiate your résumé from others.  It summarizes the most important things about you:

  • Your specialty - who you are and what makes you different
  • Your service - what you do and have accomplished 
  • Your audience - who you do it for
  • Your best characteristic - what you are known for and makes you distinct
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