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Air Quality Branch
The Air Quality Branch is in place to help ensure that the air is clean and safe for Duval County residents.  Most issues we handle involve odors, dust, asbestos problems, and illegal burning.  Loud noise is also an issue that is handled by our staff.
Through our staff, we can often provide speakers or presenters to civic groups, industrial groups, or trade associations. Training programs are also sometimes made for asbestos related contractors. Volunteers are often available for other types of community outreach, including judging school or regional science fairs and city clean-up or beautification projects as well.

Air permitting

Our staff performs assists with most state air pollution source permitting functions in Duval County, and can assist businesses in Duval County in meeting federal, state and local air pollution permitting requirements. Some permit application forms and instructions are available through our office. Our staff engineer may also be available to consult on some air permit requirements.  Contact us at (904) 255-7100.

Odor enforcement

Odors have been identified as something that impacts the quality of life of residents.  JEPB Rule 1 Part VII outlines the procedure for filing and verifying citizen odor complaints.  This rule sets forth the procedure by which citizen odor complaints shall be filed and verified and the procedure for informing the responsible persons or entities that complaints have been filed against them. As used in this rule, verifying means that an inspector determines that an odor is present in the outdoor air and identifies with reasonable certitude the facility or entity causing the odor. The determination of objectionability of the odor is left to the citizen who lodged the complaint.  To file a complaint, citizens should call the City’s complaint line at 630-CITY(2489) or submit online.

Urban Odor Study

 Project Description
The Environmental Quality Division (EQD) has been investigating “chemical-like” odors in some areas after multiple resident complaints over an extended period of time.  EQD currently uses traditional methods for odor assessment which consist of sending an inspector to assess the odor once a complaint comes in and determine if they perceive an odor or not. Although having been successfully used for years, the method has proven to be inefficient at times due to the rapid change in weather conditions that might cause an odor disturbance at the time of the complaint but when acted upon, the odor has shifted paths. Additionally, without having 24/7 continuous monitoring, there is currently no method in handling complaints efficiently and accurately outside of normal work hours.
Project Goals
A 12-month study is proposed to inform the methods the city takes to handle odor complaints and accurately determine odor sources.  The information gathered will provide valued feedback to both EQD and the JEPB.

Noise enforcement

Noise has also been identified as something that impacts the quality of life of residents.  There are several sources that emanate noise that poses concerns or issues from residents.  JEPB Rule 4 – Noise Pollution Control establishes the standards that must be adhered to concerning noise levels in Duval County. 
The rule establishes that no person shall cause, allow or permit the emission of sound so as to violate the standards for noise pollution control established in the Rules of the Board.  It goes on to establish the sound levels that must be adhered to, how and where sound is to be measured and establishes allowances for when these standards need to be deviated from.  To file a complaint, citizens should call the City’s complaint line at 630-CITY(2489) or submit online.

Approved Noise Variance Orders Currently in Effect

Project / Address Parcel RE Number Contractor Variance End Date
323 Riverside Ave   Gibane July 31, 2022
12397 San Jose Bvld 159136-0010, 158187-0000, 159137-0000 and 159135-0000 Rise August 21, 2022
4851 Collins Road 099143-0100, 099142-0000,  099148-0000,  099146-0000 Hathaway Construction August 16, 2023

Open Burning Permitting

Open burning is not allowed in Duval County.  This applies to all properties, including residential homeowners.  The burning of household, yard waste and construction material or waste is illegal.  Only land clearing debris resulting from the initial clearing of vegetation on commercial properties may be burned.  For land clearing debris, an open burning permit is required.  Please contact us at (904) 255-7100 for more information.