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Landlord Training Program
Building Safer Neighborhoods

Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property

The Landlord Training Program is designed to help owners and managers keep illegal drug activity and other criminal activity off their property. The content of the course has been developed through a process of intensive research involving hundreds of organizations and individuals: landlords, management associations, private attorneys, public defenders, housing authority personnel, tenant screening companies, narcotics detectives, district officers, and many others. The program has won the approval of active landlords and concerned tenants alike.

The program has been adapted for the City of Jacksonville and is based on the National Landlord Training Program, originally supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice.

Research shows that over 90% of landlords who have taken the original course agree that they feel more secure in their ability to screen applicants, more likely to recognize warning signs of drug activity, and more confident of their ability to evict tenants in illegal activity on the property. Of landlords who have had to deal with drug-involved tenants after taking the course, 94% report using information from the course to help resolve the problem.
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The training is presented in two parts in an all-day session.


  • Introduction - the impact of property management on the health of a community. 
  • Applicant Screening - how to screen out dishonest applicants, while ensuring that honest applicants are encouraged to apply. 
  • Signs of Dishonest Applicants - tips about what to look for. 
  • Rental Agreements - approaches that will strengthen your ability to evict drug house tenants. 
  • Ongoing Management - how to manage property in a way that discourages illegal behavior and ensures early warning should it occur. 
  • Partnerships With Residents - how to work with your tenants and property neighbors, to keep illegal activity out of the neighborhood as effectively, and easily, as possible.


  • Preparing the Property / "CPTED" - how to use the concepts of "crime prevention through environmental design" to reduce the likelihood of crime occurring on, or near, your rentals. 
  • Warning Signs of Drug Activity - how to recognize the drugs and the activity. 
  • Eviction - the options, the process, the practical application in drug house situations. 
  • Working With the Police - what to expect, what not to expect, how to get maximum cooperation. 
  • About Section 8 (Subsidized Housing) - the rights and responsibilities are somewhat different from typical private rentals. Success is found by understanding the differences.

small models home sitting on top of blueprintsWith the goal of building safer neighborhoods, the City of Jacksonville Neighborhoods Department along with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office will be offering this training in Jacksonville, on various dates and at various locations.  Please check the helpful links below for the schedule of trainings and registration pages.

Landlords, property owners and managers from all areas of town are invited to attend. Space is limited, only 50 seats per class, so advance registration is requested. Please use the links below to register and get more information. If you have any questions you may call the Neighborhoods Department at 904-255-8197.

What People Are Saying About This Training  (Taken from surveys of registrants)

"Thank you very much for offering an excellent course."
"Thank you so much for doing this workshop.  Very informative.  All speakers were very knowledgeable, kind and professional."
"Good information.  Need to have more landlords here."

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