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The As the largest city in area in the contiguous United States, Jacksonville's road system is broad and complex. Growth has been rapid, and inadequate planning has led to clogged roadways and poor mobility.

The original Better Jacksonville Plan (BJP) included $1.5 billion to address Jacksonville's infrastructure and transportation needs and bring local facilities up to acceptable service levels. A restructuring of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA) local option sales tax and the city's Local Option Gas Tax revenues originally provided half of the funding for the projects. The remaining $750 million was programmed from the BJP sales tax.

In 2005, the city and JTA re-evaluated the original BJP road and infrastructure work program due to increases in costs, changes in traffic patterns and community feedback. Projects were added, deleted, reduced or expanded, as well as prioritized for available funding. City Council approved the revised program in December 2005.

Revised BJP Road and Infrastructure Work Program (pdf 33.8K).

BJP Work Program legislation (2005-898-E).

By 2013, it became clear that the recession had negatively impacted the BJP sales tax revenue collection. Once again the city and JTA restructured the BJP road program along with the extension of the Local Option Gas Tax.  Read more about it here.

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