City of Jacksonville

Civil Service and Personnel Rules and Regulations
The Civil Service & Personnel Rules & Regulations establish the Personnel Policy for positions and employees defined as Civil Service by the City Charter. The Rules address classification and compensation; qualifications and certifications for employment and promotions; discipline, demotions and dismissals; transfers and separations and layoffs.

There are 11 Rules:
  1. Position (Job) Classification
  2. Compensation
  3. Recruitment
  4. Application and Examination
  5. Eligibility Lists
  6. Appointments, Status and Transfers
  7. Separations and Layoffs
  8. Attendance and Leave
  9. Disciplinary Actions, Grievances and Appeals
  10. Personnel and Related Programs, Records and Reports
  11. Political Activities, Standards of Conduct and Authorized Activities

These Rules are administered in conjunction with applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or pay plans.

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