City of Jacksonville


Historic Preservation Exemption

The City of Jacksonville provides a Historic Preservation Property Tax Exemption for property owners of locally designated historic properties who complete an approved qualified improvement project. The exemption is a limited-time partial ad valorem tax exemption on the added value to the property and applies only to the City's portion of your tax bill. Only the millage set by the City of Jacksonville is applied to the lower taxable value. Millages for all other taxing authorities are applied to the full taxable value of the renovated property.  The application which thoroughly describes a proposed project should be reviewed by the City's Planning and Development Department before work is initiated to ensure the work will meet the required Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.  This exemption requires approval by the Jacksonville City Council. 
For more information on the program qualifications, requirements, and application process contact:
Lisa Sheppard, AICP, LEED® AP
Historic Preservation Section of the Planning and Development Department
214 North Hogan Street, Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 255-7843