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The Metropolitan Jacksonville Area HIV Health Services Planning Council seeks nominations from individuals interested in serving on the Planning Council. Nominees should complete the attached membership application form, which is in PDF format.


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Fact Sheet

In accordance with federal requirements, planning councils must reflect the demographics of the population of individuals living with HIV in the area. People infected and affected, including caregivers of minors with HIV/AIDS, are encouraged to apply for membership on the Metropolitan Jacksonville Area HIV Health Services Planning Council and attend Council and Committee meetings.

The Ryan White CARE Act of 1990, as amended in 1996, 2000, 2006 and again in 2009 under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act, requires planning councils to use an open nominating process when recruiting new members. The mayor of the City of Jacksonville appoints all members to the Planning Council.

The Jacksonville Planning Council shall have a minimum of 17 members, representing the following categories:

  • State Part 'B' Agency
  • Part 'C' Grantee
  • Part 'D' Grantee
  • State Medicaid agency
  • Healthcare providers, including federally qualified health centers
  • Community based (CBO) or AIDS service (ASO) organizations serving affected populations
  • Social service providers, including housing and homeless service providers
  • Mental health providers
  • Substance abuse providers
  • Florida Department of Health - in the counties of Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. Johns
  • Hospital planning or other healthcare planning agencies
  • Grantees of other Federal HIV programs, including HIV prevention
  • Formerly incarcerated PLWHA or their representatives
  • Non-elected community leaders
  • Ryan White consumer who are unaligned and who will publicly disclose their HIV status
  • Affected - either affected or infected, including people living with HIV who are either aligned or who choose not to disclose, as well as those who are affected but not infected by HIV, such as partners, family members, friends, and those working on behalf of, or in support of, the HIV community.

Federal guidelines require that Planning Councils maintain a 33% ratio of Unaligned PWHA's, and the Council's demographics should reflect the demographics of the population of individuals with HIV in the area. Membership applications received will be processed and those matching an open position will be contacted. Applicants are then expected to attend three [3] Planning Council meetings, two [2] Planning Council and one [1] Committee; or two [2] Committee and one [1] Planning Council before they are invited to be interviewed by the Council's TEAM Committee. Based on the recommendation of the TEAM Committee, the applicant might then be recommended to the Planning Council for the final step. All other applicants will remain on file for two years.

At this time, the Planning Council is accepting membership applications for the category of:

Planning Council members are required to serve on at least one of the following committees.

  1. Community Connections - a platform supporting individuals in making informed choices about their HIV health; advocates for quality care.
  2. Priority and Allocations - establishes service priorities and allocations to Part A service categories, regularly assesses the efficiency of the administrative agency in rapidly allocating/reallocating funds and provides input to the Planning Council as a whole.
  3. Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC)​ - the Comprehensive Plan is the strategic plan for the Jacksonville TGA. The integrated Comprehensive Plan identifies and addresses the most significant HIV needs of the PWH and maximizes coordination, integration and linkage across all community partners.

Planning Council members must adhere to the Government in the Sunshine Law, as well as conflict of interest standards, which require annual disclosure of financial interest of HIV service providers and other health and social service providers. Candidates applying for membership will be required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure form. Also, must attend Ethics training every four years.

If you are interested in serving on the Planning Council, please complete a membership application and mail or email it to the address listed below.

For additional information, please contact:

Brittany Joiner
Ryan White Part A
1809 Art Museum Dr., Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: (904) 255-3346
Fax: (904) 255-3362
Planning Council Email: