City of Jacksonville

City Construction Dispute Review Board - CCDRB
The City Construction Dispute Review Board (CCDRB) was created under Executive Order 1998-212.

The CCDRB is subject to Florida's "Government in the Sunshine" laws.  Click here to learn if there are CCDRB hearings scheduled.

Purpose and Function

The purpose of the CCDRB is to provide a non-binding dispute review service to the city and its contractors, architects and engineers, for claims and other disputes on city capital improvement plan (CIP) projects. 

Upon written request of a city department or agency, or a contractor, architect or engineer, the CCDRB will schedule a hearing of the interested parties within 30 calendar days after receiving all information and responses.  The Florida Rules of Evidence apply to the CCDRB proceedings.  The CCDRB must present its written, non-binding determination within seven business days following the conclusion of the review proeeding(s).  Each party may accept the CCDRB's response, or seek other remedits as permitted by contract and/or law.  The testimony and any unadopted decision of the CCDRB are inadmissable in any subsequent legal proceeding.


The CCDRB may consist of up to four members, two of which are permanent: the city's Chief of Engineering (or designee) serves as chair, and the city's General Counsel (or designee).

The Director of Public Works solicits volunteers from the contractor and design professional communities to serve as the two non-permanent members.  Volunteers are not compensated and must not have any interest in any case before them.  When a matter is presented to the CCDRB, the Chief of Engineering and the disputing party(ies) must mutually agree on the selection of the non-permanent members.  When an agreement cannot be reached on both non-permanent members, the disputing party(ies) may elect to proceed with only the two permanent members to hear the case, or the two permanent members and one, mutually selected non-permanent member.

Current Permanent Members:
  • Robin Smith, P.E., Chief of Engineering & Construction Management, Chair
  • Jason Gabriel, Acting General Counsel