City of Jacksonville


Clean It Up!

Neighborhood Component

We encourage neighborhood groups to come up with beautification initiatives for their own areas. If your group is planning a neighborhood cleanup, please call (904) 255-8276 and leave information on location, date, time and a contact name and number. If you have no organized neighborhood group, but would like to volunteer your services, contact us to find out how to get involved.

Get suggestions on how to organize your cleanup: Click here to check out our Cleanup Planning Kit.

Safety is a prime concern when planning a cleanup: Click here for important safety tips.

Clean It Up, Green It Up keeps track of how much litter our volunteers collect: When your cleanup is over, make sure you report your results. Provide us with the date of the clean up, the number of volunteers participating, the number of hours volunteers worked and the number of bags collected. Contact us at (904) 255-8276.