City of Jacksonville


Art in Public Places Committee

Funding for the Art in Public Places Program is generated by an allocation of three quarters of one percent (.075) of the construction and design costs of public building projects defined in the Ordinance as eligible.

Currently, the Art in Public Places Committee is working on two distinct sets of projects. The Various Projects list and The Better Jacksonville Plan list.

Various Projects are those projects that have been initiated between April 1997 and February 2002. They are each of relatively small scope with total funding of $262,137. The projects will be at sites throughout the city with the first three being the Ritz Theatre/LaVilla Museum, the Police Athletic League at Dunes Regional Park and San Marco Library/Balis Community Center.

The Better Jacksonville Plan list includes public art projects at major facilities which are either new or undergoing major renovations. The Better Jacksonville Plan was approved by voters in September 2000. As well as road and infrastructure improvements and land preservation, the Plan includes quality public facilities.

These projects are large in scope with total funding of $2,148,769. Included in The Better Jacksonville Plan projects are the new Main Library, the Baseball Park and Veterans Memorial Arena, Equestrian Center and 16 branch libraries. Also included and still in the planning stages is the new County Courthouse.