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Multi-Family Housing Program Overview


The Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority (the “Authority”) has a program (the “Program”) pursuant to which it provides financing for qualified multifamily housing developments (“Developments”) which meet the goals of the Authority and comply with applicable federal and state law through the issuance of obligations of the Authority (“Obligations”), the proceeds of which are loaned to entities participating in the Program (“Program Participants”). The Program has been undertaken by the Authority in order to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing available to persons and families in the City of Jacksonville, Florida and Duval County, Florida (the “County”) and any expanded area of operation (the “Area of Operation”); to generate affordable multifamily rental capital for investment; to stimulate economic development; and to create jobs. Each Development financed by the Authority, in whole or in part, will not interfere with, but rather will contribute to, the housing stock, housing market, and economic stability of the Area of Operation.
The Authority has adopted the following application procedures and guidelines (the “Guidelines”) setting forth the general requirements and procedures that apply to financing under the Program.  All entities submitting applications (“Applicants”) must follow the Guidelines set forth herein.  The Authority reserves the right to impose additional requirements on any particular Development and the Authority may waive specific provisions of these Guidelines where good cause is shown and adequate supporting documentation is provided, which waiver will always be at the sole discretion of the Authority.  Compliance with these Guidelines does not and shall not guarantee an Applicant will be accepted into the Program or create any right by an Applicant to a commitment or assurance that the Authority will issue Obligations to provide the requested financing.

The Program includes the following basic stages as outlined in the Application and Guidelines:
  1. Submission of Application
  2. Recommendation by Financial Advisor and Selection by Authority
  3. Official Action of Authority (Inducement).  Inducements are valid for one year
  4. TEFRA Hearing and TEFRA Approval.  TEFRA approvals are valid for one year
  5. Document Preparation and Credit Underwriting
  6. Final Approval by Authority of Obligations and Acceptance of Credit Underwriting Report
  7. Closing

The following document(s) are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe

Click here to view the Multi-Family Tax Exempt Bond Program Application Procedures and Program Guidelines (Multi-Family Handbook), Revised August 10, 2022

Click here to view the Preliminary Agreement Form

Click here to view the 2022-4 Notice of Fund Availability and Request for Applications.  The Authority will continue to accept applications, which will be reviewed on a first-come, first-evaluated basis.  

Click here to view the Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bond Program Application.  

Applicants may request additional information regarding the Program from the Authority's website or from the Authority's professional team identified below (or as otherwise identified by the Authority from time to time): 

Bond Counsel:

Rhonda Bond-Collins
Bryant Miller Olive P.A. 255 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1350
Orlando, FL 32801 
(407) 426-7001

The Authority's Financial Advisor (collectively): 

Mark Hendrickson 
The Hendrickson Company 
1404 Alban Avenue 
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 671-5601

Susan Leigh
The Community Concepts Group, Inc. 
P.O. Box 16129 
Tallahassee, FL 32317
(850) 656-2808

The Authority's Investment Banking Firm:

Helen Hough Feinberg
RBC Capital Markets
100 2nd Avenue S. Suite 800 
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 895-8889 

The Authority’s Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor will act as bond counsel and financial advisor, respectively, to the Authority in each issuance of Obligations by the Authority.
It is the policy of the Authority to select the investment banking firm to act as senior managing underwriter and, remarketing agent or placement agent, as applicable for the issuance of the Authority's Obligations.  The Authority will consider requests by Applicants to add co-managing underwriters for the said Applicant's bond financing and determine the division of fees among such underwriters, in the sole discretion of the Authority.  In the event of a public offering the Authority’s Investment Banker will act as the underwriter and in the event of a private placement, the Investment Banker will act as a placement agent.