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Frequently Asked Questions


How was the OIG formed?

The OIG was created by City ordinance to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of and, as its priority to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in programs and operations administered or financed by the City of Jacksonville. It was determined that the oversight of such a large and diverse government required the organization and administration of the OIG to be independent and autonomous, to assure that no interference or influence external to the OIG adversely affects the independence and objectivity of the Inspector General.   The Inspector General serves a four year term and future Inspector Generals will be selected by the Inspector General Committee which is comprised of the President of the Jacksonville City Council or his or her designee; the State Attorney of the Fourth Judicial Circuit or his or her designee;  the Chair of the Jacksonville Ethics Commission; the Chair of the Jacksonville TRUE Commission or his or her designee; the Public Defender of the Fourth Judicial Circuit or his or her designee; the Chief Judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit or his or her designee and the Mayor of the City of Jacksonville or his or her designee.

What is the function of the OIG?

The OIG has the authority to make investigations of City of Jacksonville matters and the power to review and audit past, present and proposed City of Jacksonville programs, accounts, records, contracts, change orders and transactions. In order to carry out this function, the OIG has the power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of documents, records and other information. Furthermore, the OIG is authorized to conduct random audits, inspections, and reviews on any City of Jacksonville’s contracts. The OIG initiates, conducts, supervises and coordinates activities designed to detect, deter, prevent and eradicate fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct, and other abuses by elected and appointed officials and employees, contractors, their sub-contractors and lower tier sub-contractors and other parties doing business with the City of Jacksonville and/or receiving City funds.

What is the jurisdiction of the OIG?

The OIG's jurisdiction encompasses all departments, agencies, and programs of the City of Jacksonville. This jurisdiction extends to all City of Jacksonville employees, public officials, and elected officials. The OIG also has jurisdiction over vendors, contractors, their sub-contractors and lower tier sub-contractors doing business with the City of Jacksonville. As of January 1, 2016, OIG’s jurisdiction was extended to include all Constitutional Officers and Independent Agencies of the City of Jacksonville. 

What are the powers available to the OIG?

According to the OIG's enabling legislation, the Office shall have the power to require production of documents from and receive full and unrestricted access to the records of the  Mayor,  all elected and appointed City of Jacksonville officials and employees, City departments, divisions, contractors, their sub-contractors and lower tier sub-contractors and other persons and entities doing business with the City of Jacksonville and/or receiving City funds. The Inspector General's jurisdiction includes but shall not be limited to all projects, programs, contracts or transactions that are funded in whole or in part by the City of Jacksonville

Conversely, the OIG may report to these same individuals its findings and recommendations arising from an investigation, audit, or review. Unless otherwise exempt from public disclosure, these findings and recommendations are released in a public report and can be found at:

Is the Office of the Inspector General a law enforcement agency?

No. The OIG is not a law enforcement agency. As such, our agents do not have the authority to arrest individuals. The OIG works in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, the Office of the State Attorney, 4th Judicial Circuit with respect to pursuing criminal investigations.

Does the OIG Have Subpoena Power?

Yes, although most often, the OIG is able to acquire the same information and/or obtain the same documentation using mechanisms already available to us through our enabling ordinance, contract language, and other legally binding agreements. In rare cases when a subpoena is necessary, the OIG provides notice prior to serving the subpoena to the Office of the State Attorney, 4th Judicial Circuit to insure that the issuance of our subpoena will not interfere with an on-going criminal investigation. OIG subpoenas are enforceable through the 4th Judicial Circuit Court.

How Do I report fraud, waste or abuse without losing my job as a City of Jacksonville employee?

Each report of fraud, waste or abuse is reviewed for whistle-blower protection. If you believe that making a report to the OIG will place you at risk of retaliation, you should inform the OIG of this fact. If you are granted whistle-blower protection, your name and identity will be protected from disclosure (112.3188, Florida Statutes).

When are reports of investigations made available to the public?

Once the OIG closes an investigation or audit, the reports are redacted (confidential information such as social security number, personal health information are removed) and posted on the OIG's website.

When should I contact the OIG?

You should contact the OIG whenever you have reason to suspect fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct, or other abuses within or relating to the City of Jacksonville. Employees should refer to their City Policy that outlines their responsibilities for reporting such information. The OIG's main telephone number is (904) 255-5800.

What happens if the OIG does not have jurisdiction over a matter?

You will be notified of this fact, and whenever possible, we will refer your report of fraud, waste or abuse to the appropriate agency or organization that can provide assistance.

How do I report acts of fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct or other abuses to the OIG?

You may report this information to us in one of four ways;
  1. You may report your concerns to us by email, US Mail, or fax in a written complaint;
  2. You can stop by our office and meet with an OIG Intake Specialist and provide the information directly to us;
  3. You may call our hotline at 904-255-5800; or
  4. You can access our secure email ( via this website to provide us with the information. In any event, you may remain anonymous; however, you are encouraged to identify yourself so that we may follow up on your call or email and obtain additional information that would help us in an our investigation.
Forms to report fraud, waste, or abuse can be found online at; or email a report of fraud, waste, or abuse to; or fax a report of fraud, waste or abuse to (904) 255-5813. Reports can also be mailed to:

Office of Inspector General
231 East Forsyth Street, Suite 470
Jacksonville, FL 32202