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Who We Are

The Environmental Protection Board (EPB) receives its authority from Chapter 73, Ordinance Code, and Chapters 360 et sequence, Ordinance Code. Although many of the functions of the EPB are regulatory in nature, the EPB is charged with educating citizens regarding environmental matters. To this end, the EPB developed an extensive public outreach program that includes involvement in sponsoring environmental conferences as well as being very involved in local Earth Day Committee and associated events annually.

The EPB is also involved in sponsoring  environmental education events at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) and the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens; educational outreach with business, civic and social groups; and makes presentations to school groups from pre-k through college students and to all types of community organizations. 

The natural environment plays a vital role in the development of our community and is a critical factor in the quality of life we enjoy. From our coastline with its beaches, the St. Johns River with its tributaries to our coastal marshes and local wildlife, we have much to be thankful for and proud of. From our unique natural resources and varied cultural amenities, to our downtown landmarks and abundant recreational opportunities, Jacksonville has a lot to offer. To continue to improve and build upon these many advantages, we must seek to tackle those problems and issues which challenge our quality of life. Awareness of the threats to our environment and a continued commitment toward working together to protect and enhance that quality of life are keys to our success as a city today and into the future.