City of Jacksonville


Mayport Waterfront Partnership

The Mayport Waterfront Partnership was created by the cities of Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville in 1997 to bring economic revitalization to the eastern shore area of Duval County. The Partnership's zone of interest includes the North Jacksonville barrier islands, the Village of Mayport and its surrounding area and Ft. George and Fanning Islands. In 1998, the State of Florida designated Mayport as one of the first three waterfront communities in the state in need of revitalization.

What began as a partnership between the cities of Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville grew into a multi-government agency, business and community task force. The 25 Waterfront Board members represent the wide interests of groups such as the U.S. Navy, the National Park Service, local government, business and community groups.
In recent years, the Partnership oversaw the installation of a $4.2 million sanitary sewer line and the upgrading of water lines in the commercial section of Mayport Village. Also, the Waterfront Partnership wrote and sponsored the establishment of the Mayport Village Overlay Zone Regulations. Because Mayport Village is unique in the City of Jacksonville, the Partnership felt that fishing village needed special protection. Through redevelopment, the Village character will now be protected.

The Partnership works through several committees of the board to further its goals and objectives of revitalization. These committees conduct meetings separate from regular Partnership Board meetings but report to the Partnership for decisions.

For Additional Information about the Mayport Waterfront Partnership visit the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) website.