City of Jacksonville

Working With the Office of Inspector General

City of Jacksonville Office of Inspector General Seal - Enhancing Public Trust in GovernmentChapter 602, Part 3, Section 602.303 - Duties and Functions

The Mayor or other City Officials shall promptly notify the Inspector General of possible mismanagement of a contract (misuse or loss exceeding $5,000 in public funds), fraud, theft, bribery, or other violation of law which appears to fall within the jurisdiction of the Inspector General, and may notify the Inspector General of any other conduct which may fall within the jurisdiction of the Inspector General. 




Our office provides training and presentations designed to educate the citizenry, elected and appointed officials, City employees, contractors, sub-contractors and other parties doing business with the City, and/or receiving City funds, on the role of the OIG, “red flags" to watch out for, as well as increase awareness of potential violations. To learn more, email

Frequently Asked Questions

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