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Jacksonville Urban Odor Study

Project Description

The Environmental Quality Division (EQD) has been investigating “chemical-like” odors in some areas after multiple resident complaints over an extended period of time.  EQD currently uses traditional methods for odor assessment which consist of sending an inspector to assess the odor once a complaint comes in and determine if they perceive an odor or not. Although having been successfully used for years, the method has proven to be inefficient at times due to the rapid change in weather conditions that might cause an odor disturbance at the time of the complaint but when acted upon, the odor has shifted paths. Additionally, without having 24/7 continuous monitoring, there is currently no method in handling complaints efficiently and accurately outside of normal work hours. 

Project Goals

A 12-month study is proposed to inform the methods the city takes to handle odor complaints and accurately determine odor sources.  The information gathered will provide valued feedback to both EQD and the JEPB.

How You Can Help

While the installed equipment will work independently, it will help our staff if residents continue to let us know of if they experience unpleasant odors.  Everyone is encouraged to continue to call 630-CITY (2489) to register a complaint.  You can also submit a complaint electronically at www.myjax.custhelp.com.  Information received regarding complaints will be investigated using our normal processes.  We will, however, also use the information to validate the reports and information recieved from the equipment installed for the study.

Project Update 

  • Legislation approving appropriation                           August 2021
  • Contract Execution                                                    November 2021
  • Project Kickoff with COJ – Envirosuite                      December 2021
  • Equipment Delivery to COJ                                       January 2022
  • Installation                                                                 February 2022
  • Software Validation / Training                                    March 2022
  • Study Start                                                                 April 2022
    • Quarterly Reports
    • Periodic Validation
    • Relocation of Monitors (if necessary)          
  • Study Concludes                                                        April 2023
  • COJ revision of processes

Sensor Locations


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May 2022
Overall Monthly Report - May 2022
Wind Rose - May 2022
Pollution Rose - Ammonia - May 2022
Pollution Rose - VOC's - May 2022  (volatile organic compounds)
Pollution Rose - Hydrogen Sulfide - May 2022

June 2022
Overall Monthly Report - June 2022
Wind Rose - June 2022
Pollution Rose - Ammonia - June 2022
Pollution Rose - VOC's - June 2022
Pollution Rose - Hydrogen Sulfide - June 2022

July 2022
Overall Monthly Report - July 2022
Wind Rose - July 2022
Pollution Rose - Ammonia - May 2022
Pollution Rose - VOC's - July 2022  (volatile organic compounds)
Pollution Rose - Hydrogen Sulfide - July 2022

August 2022
Overall Monthly Report - August 2022 (new format)

September 2022
Overall Monthly Report - September 2022

October 2022
Overall Monthly Report - October 2022

November 2022
Overall Monthly Report - November 2022

January 2023
Overall Monthly Report - January 2023

February 2023
Overall Monthly Report - February 2023

March 2023
Overall Monthly Report - March 2023

Urban Odor Study Final Report
Staff Presentation to JEPB on Final Report - August 2023

Envirosuite Urban Odor Study Final Report